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It is our goal at Amazing Grace Extraordinary Truth Ministries to reach as many in the nation as possible for Christ. Our members are helping the needy every day, and we will even come to you to pick up donations anywhere within 20 miles.


No matter what stage of life we are in, there are crises to be averted. We are now offering a course for women's studies titled "Becoming an Amazing Woman." Based on the grace given to us from God, this weekly study is open to both adolescents and mature women.

Ministry & Our Elder

Amazing Grace Extraordinary Truth Ministries has a very concrete vision of our role as a place of worship and as a place to help those who cannot help themselves. We invite you to read more about our vision regarding the role we play here in Oregon as well the role our elder has played in particular.

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Our Story

Amazing Grace Extraordinary Truth Ministries in Wilsonville, Oregon, provides a safe environment for worship and outreach. Women who have suffered past abuse find our study and open discourse particularly cathartic. We seek a form on camaraderie in keeping with the Word of God and assistance in returning to God's path. Of course it is God's will for us to live happy, joyous lives, even when that feeling seems to elude us. We have been helping our brothers and sisters return to the righteous path for more than 20 years. 

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